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Journaling with the Angels

Archangel Gabriel (God is my strength) is the archangel of communication and is known as the messenger angel.

He helps with communication in any area, TV and radio work, journalism and writing.

His colour vibration is white and his gemstones are moonstone and the clear quartz.

To invoke him before you write just say:

I now invoke the mighty and powerful Archangel Gabriel and his energy of communication and writing.  Please help me to speak my truth in every form, spoken and written and help me remove all fear so that I may journal my words in a way that is releasing and healing.  Please help me communicate from my heart.  And so it is.

These are some steps to help you with your journal process

  • Refer to listing and decide what you are going to include in your journal
  • Set aside time to write in your journal each day
  • Light a candle
  • Sit quietly, feet flat on floor, ground to earth
  • Breathe deeply
  • Connect to Source Energy
  • Relax your body
  • Set an intention- what do you hope to achieve at the end of your journaling process? Healing? Forgiveness?  Lose weight? Eat healthy? All of the above?
  • Write, write, write... write out all your feelings, thoughts, emotions
  • What do you want to feel? See? Do?
  • Examine patterns in your past – are you a people pleaser? Do you seek external validation? Do you need to fill your love bucket? Do you need to eat better?
  • How can you change?
  • Keep track of successes
  • Write yourself notes of encouragement
  • Be kind to yourself
  • This is where you will heal your wounds
  • Use the journal to write yourself a love letter
  • Write a letter to your body- love the container that houses your soul
  • Use your journal to write letters to those who have hurt you.. tear these out and then burn them in a safe place to transmute the energy back to love.

Journaling can help

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Reduce physical pain
  3. Help heal emotional, spiritual and physical wounds
  4. Helps keep you on track
  5. Helps you reduce inner conflict
  6. Helps you make peace with the past

Journal tips

  • Do what resonates with you and what feels good
  • Use the outline to help
  • Cheer yourself on

A powerful journal exercise I learned was at some point to write out a list of what you hate!  That’s right... what do you hate???

List it all.  No holds barred.  This is not to judge anyone or to send to anyone.

This is a personal exercise just for you.  Move that energy out of the body.  Ask the angels to transmute all the energy back to love.  You are safe and you are loved.

Journaling is proven to help you heal your life.  It will help you create and focus on your goals.  I am proud of you for having taken this step.

Decide if you are going to have a daily or weekly journal experience.  At the end of your journaling you will feel more focused and confident.  Make journaling a permanent part of your life.

Keep an open mind and write.   The sky is the limit.  At the end of each year make sure to burn your journal.  DO NOT KEEP old journals.  This is dense, heavy energy that you want to ensure is transmuted for the highest good of all.  Forgive yourself and all others and create an amazing life.  I wish you a blessed journal experience.

Heal with Giuliana Melo

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