Meet Your Guardian Angel – Marci Cagen

Throughout history, human beings have sought a connection with the higher realm. In many faiths across the planet, we find legions of people with a deep belief in the angelic kingdom. Though there are many interpretations, religions, philosophies and theologies surrounding this topic, they all seem to agree upon one thing: angels act as loving guides that humans can rely upon for support, encouragement, direction and unconditional love. The following visualization is an excerpt from my latest book, “How to Meditate Using Guided Imagery” can be utilized as a tool for tapping into the magnificent energy of this higher realm. In doing so, you will connect with your personal Guardian Angel and the loving support that is available to you always:
Begin by finding a comfortable position that you will be able to maintain for several minutes. That may mean lying down, sitting in a comfortable chair or relaxing on the floor. Close your eyes and take a nice deep breath in through your nose and exhale completely through your mouth. Another nice deep breath in … and back out again. Good …
Now imagine yourself strolling through a beautiful garden. Notice all of the rich textures and vibrant colors that surround you. Inhaling deeply, you find your senses completely immersed in the pungent fragrance of the blossoms that dance upon the breeze. It’s a glorious day and the sun is shining brightly, gently warming and caressing your skin. There are birds all around showering you with their tranquil melodies of cheer. Soon you spot a lovely bench where you can rest for a few moments.
As you settle into this inviting space, an overwhelming sense of peace washes over you, bringing tremendous comfort and relaxation. Gently, your gaze shifts into the distance where you notice a beautiful golden light coming towards you. Feeling excited, you see this exquisite shimmering orb becoming bigger and brighter, and bigger and brighter. As it floats closer, your body feels even more relaxed. And now, just in front of you, you witness this dazzling bubble changing shape. What a spectacular scene! As you stand within the presence of this magnificent being, you notice a sweet, pungent aroma enveloping your senses. Inhaling deeply, your body relaxes even more. There is a soothing and comforting essence surrounding you now, and you feel the space around your heart beginning to expand with warmth and anticipation. Taking a nice long deep breath in, you recognize this familiar energy that surrounds you now. Every fiber of your being senses that this is your Guardian Angel. Feeling completely safe and at ease, your face melts into a giant grin as you welcome your old friend. You make a sweeping motion with your hand now, extending an invitation to sit with you for a while. It feels so good to be within the presence of this wise and wonderful being! Your entire body radiates love and oozes joy as you sit together. After several moments, a question begins to bubble up within you, and without ever needing to be asked, your Guardian Angel begins to share with you the answers which you seek. Allowing yourself to be completely open to all possibilities, you listen with great contentment.
[Pause for several moments here]
With a deep sense of serenity, you now begin to see your friend changing form once again. Your heavenly companion has transformed in to a beautiful yellow butterfly right before your very eyes! This splendid winged being begins to dance about you, offering its final goodbyes, then gracefully flutters off into the distance.
Giving thanks for this incredible experience, your heart is filled with gratitude and joy as you rise from your seated position and gently make your way once again through the vibrant colors and textures of the fragrant flora that surround you. Know that you can return to this space at any time, and be assured that the wisdom you receive is valid and will be easily accessible to you, now and always.
Affirmation: I am lovingly supported by my Guardian Angel at all times. I have faith in this eternal guidance.

Until we meet again, know that you are loved and NEVER alone!
Marci Cagen

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